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i'm a mixed media analog collage artist from san francisco. i started making art a little over a decade ago as a way to help deal with the loss of my mother. i found that making art tapped into a part of my brain that not only allowed the grieving and my healing to begin, but also silenced the endless self-criticism and doubts that had haunted me all my life. art changed everything for me and, in this way, i honestly see it as a sort of religion. it's become mine, anyway.

i find beauty in faces and in children, and in all things from the past. i like trees and birds and old film stock and tintypes.

i like imperfections. i like distressed wood and rust and metallics. i like cracked and corroded walls with peeling paint - the more dilapidated and graffiti-covered the better.

in my art i try to create little worlds, where my combined dichotomies work together to create a harmony and a balance, and where old things become new again.